EMEA Research Projects

The CSA EMEA research team is involved in 3 publicly funded projects.

CloudWatch 2 Project

One of the objectives of the Digital Single Market Strategy is creating long-term growth potential. Europe needs a digital market that allows new business models to flourish, start-ups to grow and industry to innovate and compete on a global scale. The European Commission’s programme for Software, Services and Cloud gives companies and research institutions the freedom to innovate technically in cloud computing. This is how European research and innovation initiatives bring continuous improvements and deliver services and solutions with increasing value for the digital single market. CloudWatch 2 provides a set of services to help European R&I initiatives capture the value proposition and business case as key to boosting the European economy.

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EU-SEC Project

The European Security Certification Framework (EU-SEC) strives to address the security, privacy and transparency challenges associated with the greater externalisation of IT to Cloud services. EU-SEC will create a certification framework under which existing certification and assurance schemes can co-exist. Furthermore, it will feature a tailored architecture and provide a set of tools to improve…

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TakeDown is an EU-project for developing effective and efficient security solutions against organised crime and terrorist networks. Organized Crime and Terrorist Networks (OC/TN) are a major challenge for the EU. Many different stakeholder groups are involved in creating awareness, preventing, identifying and intervene in case of risk or threat. But in order to develop better…

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APAC Research Projects

The CSA APAC research team is involved in 1 publicly funded project.


STRATUS project, a six-year, NZ $12.2 million cyber security project funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment. Led by the University of Waikato, CSA is part of the consortium that was awarded the funding and the work which began in November 2014. STRATUS, which is an acronym for Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Transparency and User-centric Services in the Cloud, is an ambitious project that intends to create a suite of novel security tools, techniques and capabilities that will return control of data to cloud computing users. More importantly, it aims to put New Zealand ICT industry onto the world map capitalizing on the global trend in cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics.

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Artifact Reviews

Artifact in Review Opened On Open Until
Cloud Incident Response Charter Nov 16, 2018 Dec 17, 2018
CCM Addendum - C5 Nov 20, 2018 Dec 21, 2018
CCM Addendum - ISO/IEC 27002, 27017, 27018 Nov 20, 2018 Dec 21, 2018
CSA IoT Controls Matrix Dec 03, 2018 Jan 03, 2019
CSA IoT Controls Guide Dec 03, 2018 Jan 03, 2019
Quantum-Safe Security Working Group Charter Dec 11, 2018 Jan 11, 2019
Cloud OS Security Specification Dec 10, 2018 Jan 21, 2019

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